We are the 'body of Christ' known as Highlands Presbyterian Church... 


We are people from all walks of life, people who grew up in a wide variety of churches, Protestant and Roman Catholic, and people with no church background at all. We are full of faith and honest about our doubts and mistakes.

We share jelly, fellowship, service and love.

We are real.



We work together, hand in hand, for the joy

of being the church!

It doesn't get any better than this! 

 We are young, middle-aged, and older. We are interested in loving God and supporting one another in the joys and the struggles of every stage of life. We are not looking for easy answers, but eager to address life’s questions with energy and honesty.

We are growing.


Mission is at our core, as we offer a full welcome

to all people and as we reach out with concern for

our community and world.

We care about church tradition,

but are relevant to today’s culture.

We are seeking.