Highlands Presbyterian Church (USA), Jacksonville, Fl


Join us on Wednesday mornings:  

11:00 to noon Spiritual, Intellectual, Emotional, Bible Study

Noon (optional), go out to lunch



Highlands’ Wellness Wednesdays

All are welcome to The Wellness Group to nurture Health.  Using the model of Wellness that believes Health occurs when one has a life filled with the balance of:

Physical + Intellectual + Emotional + Spiritual + Social

We give each other support as we increase wellness activities.  It WORKS!!! 

Some of us have increased our social lives; lost weight; and get to the gym three or more times each week.  
We invite YOU to join us for:

Logos Bible study to nurture our Spiritual selves;

Review of Wellness issues for the Intellectual and Emotional support of health, and the fellowship of meeting together and lunch afterwards supports the Social aspects of Wellness.

Our activities have also expanded to include bringing our commitment to wellness to other ways we participate at church; for example we have started bringing fruit to fellowship after Sunday worship.  We are thinking up new ways to bring Wellness to other parts of church and hopefully to each of you.  Come join us and share your ideas. 


Visit WellWednesday.com for more Wellness information.