Highlands Music

Gibson Dixon, Director of Music
   The value and importance of music in the life of the church extends back to the most ancient of worshiping communities. In the tradition of the church, music has provided moments of elation and inspiration. Participants in the music program, as well as those who are listening, find themselves drawn ever closer to God's presence as music lifts and enlightens us.
   We believe that a strong program of music allows for personal and corporate expressions of thanks and praise to God. Music helps the church to convey the 'story' of God's people and enables us to extend the power of the 'spoken' word. 
    Highlands is a musical congregation. We have many choirs that participate regularly in the worship life of the church.
        Choirs for Adults include the Chancel Choir and the Adult Hand bell Choir. We have an active Youth Choir who sing on second Sundays during the school year. 
      Our LOGOS choirs for elementary aged children participate in worship as well as learn the fundamental elements of music.
Because of the importance of music in the life of the church, we are always looking for new ways to enrich, renew and increase the music program at Highlands. If you wish to become involved in our choirs, or offer suggestions, or contribute financially to the music life of the church we would encourage and appreciate your doing so.