Micah's Backpack

Feeding our future, one child at a time.


Micah’s Backpack is a Highlands sponsored, grass-root, community-based, “neighbor-helping-neighbor” ministry. Micah’s backpack will feed hungry kids on the weekend.  Micah’s Backpack started in Blacksburg Virginia in a church about the size of Highlands.  In 2009 they began feeding 5 hungry elementary school students on the weekend.   They now pack and deliver backpacks for 280 kids from Head Start to High School.  The reason Micah’s Backpack is so important here is that over 52% of the kids in Duval County public schools are eligible for Free and Reduced cost lunches.  Thirty-five thousand of those kids are in elementary school.  Many of those kids don’t have much, if anything, to eat on the weekend. They go to school on Monday, HUNGRY!  Highlands is feeding these hungry kids by packing food for them on Thursday evening and delivering the food to Lone Star Elementary on Friday morning.  At the end of the school day on Friday, the kids will pick up their backpacks of food for the weekend.  We BEGAN with 5 children, quickly moved to 10 and in 2016 we moved to 20!.  Today we are serving over 50. The children  receive 2 breakfasts, 2 lunches, 2 dinners, snacks, milk and juice boxes; enough food for all of Saturday and Sunday.  Once we have the volunteer force and funding for more kids, we will pack bags for them too.


PRAYER:  Pray that this ministry will grow and meet the needs of hungry children in our community  

FOOD: There is a specific list of foods that we will pack - Click here for more info.  

VOLUNTEERS:  Shoppers, Packers, Speakers, Deliverers to the school.  

FUNDING:  Financial contributions to HUPC “Micah’s Backpack”

The 'annual' cost of feeding one child through the school year is only $240.00



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