Highlands Presbyterian Church (USA), Jacksonville, Fl

LOGOS is a dynamic ministry of Christian nurture.  Our goal is to nurture our youth and children into a personal relationship with Jesus Christ so they live as his disciples
LOGOS is a four-part program – Bible Study, Worship Skills, Family Time, and Activity Time.  All youth and children participate in all four parts of the program every week.

  • Bible Study provides the foundation for LOGOS.  We believe that everyone must know and understand the Bible in order to experience Christ and the Christian Community.  Highlands strives to create biblically literate youth and children who apply what they have learned to all aspects of their lives.
  • Worship Skills prepares and provides the opportunity for our youth and children to regularly participate and lead in worship through choirs, handbells, puppets, readings, and other gifts offered.
  • Activity Time provides the opportunity to play together and learn to appreciate everyone’s talents through games and crafts.
  • Family Time provides each child with an extended family of children and adults.  The dinner hour includes a wonderful dinner served family style, sharing of important events, and some family fun time.

  • We want our CHILDREN to experience what it means to live as a Child of God!
  • With so many activities competing for our children, we need a fun and loving place for gathering.  By practicing Christian behavior, we give them the skills needed to combat the destructive influences around them.
  • Children and Youth who grow up involved in programs like LOGOS have a much higher chance of continuing their relationship with Christ and the Church as adults.
Who is LOGOS?
  • LOGOS is everyone!
  • Children K-12 are enrolled. Students are expected to attend every week. Adults are involved in transporting kids from school, teaching bible study, worship skills and activities, table-parenting, dinner-making, kitchen clean-up, registering students, etc. All parents or sponsors of students should plan to help out as their talents and time dictate.
  • Jr. LOGOS is a nurturing program for younger children whose parents are involved in the LOGOS program.

When is LOGOS?
  • LOGOS meets every Wednesday from September through May except holidays. We meet from after school until 7:00. The Youth Choir (JOY) meets from 7:00 – 7:45 p.m. Youth and children are also expected to attend Sunday worship where they will frequently participate.


Carpooling: (arranged by parents)

Parents/Guardians: As part of my Logos Responsibility I will:

*My child/youth has my permission to attend trips and special events sponsored by the Logos Program of Highlands United Presbyterian Church. In the event of illness or accident, if the parent or guardian cannot be reached, I authorize the church, or its agents, to consent to any diagnosis, examination, treatment of hospital care for my child which is deemed advisable by, and is under the supervision of a physician. I release the church and its agents from responsibility in the case of accident or illness in connection with any authorized church activities.

Payment plan: $120/per person a year, or you can pay 2 installments of $20/per person. If you have 2 children it is $120 for the first child & $100 for the second. Jr. LOGOS is $80/per child a year, or 2 installments of $40/per child. That is $4 per meal. A Payment plan is available upon request.