Highlands Presbyterian Church (USA), Jacksonville, Fl

Fellowship - Committee Chair, Dene Ritter/Clara Whitaker

Some of the most memorable stories in the Bible are about Jesus eating with friends. The Sermon on the Mount was about many hungry people and only a few fishes and a couple of loaves of bread. Where only a few are gathered is true in the Dining Hall at Highlands. Our members are nourished by Fellowship almost every time we gather. Every time you enter the Dining Hall to have a bite to eat, you encounter someone from Fellowship. There are refreshments following each worship service, monthly socials such as the Chili Cook-Off and the Low Country Boil, and celebrations such as Easter Sunday breakfasts. The spirit is always nourished at Highlands and Fellowship provides nourishment for the complete individual. We also provide support for families who are mourning the loss of a loved one at funerals. Fellowship has elements of worship, nurture, member care, church growth and mission all wrapped up in one.

Preparing the Easter Feast