Highlands Presbyterian Church (USA), Jacksonville, Fl


With a membership of 350, Highlands is a caring congregation of very active people seeking to live their call to be disciples of Jesus Christ in the world today. We are located in the 'East Arlington' section of Jacksonville, very near the site of the first protestant settlement in Florida at Ft. Caroline. We are between 'downtown' and 'the beaches' and we seek to serve God in the suburbs of Jacksonville.

Highlands is a church made up of all ages and our long standing motto 'We Are Family' resonates in the way we approach our life in the church and our lives together. Since our formation in  1967 one of our joys has been the embracing of families with active duty Naval personnel at Mayport Naval Station. In fact, many retired Navy folk have stayed in the area and at Highlands.

We are a member congregation of The Presbyterian Church (USA)  and are part of the Presbytery of St. Augustine.  

We encourage you to come and visit with us, Worship with us, and experience what we seek to share as we serve Christ locally and in the world. If you have any questions please contact the church office (904-641-9622) and/or the Pastor, Dr. David Lee.  


Highlands was founded locally in 1967 and has faithfully served this community ever since. Founded as a church of the United Presbyterian Church in the USA, we have been a member church of the Presbyterian Church (USA) since the formation of our denomination in 1983.

Our most recent Church History is here. 



Dr. David Lee, Pastor 

Laura Sambito, Director of Christian Education 

Gibson Dixon, Director of Music 

Anneliese Robbins, Church Adminisrator

Michelle Loerop, Director, Highlands Precious Gifts Preschool; 

Anna Serrano, Asst. Director, Highlands Precious Gifts Preschool