Your March to Easter "Highlander is HERE
Lent Study:
Soup and Study
March 28 & April 4
7 p.m.
LOGOS is Here on Wednesdays @ 4 p.m

Sunday Morning Jelly Drive

Forget Your Jar




Buy one at the church! 


April 9 @ 10 a.m.  Palm Sunday Worship

           @  11:15 a.m.  Easter Egg Hunt

April 13 @ 6:30 p.m.  Maundy Thursday Supper 

                                        & Service

April 14 @ 8 p.m.  Good Friday “Tenebrae” Service

April 16 @  7:00 a.m. Early Easter Sunday 

                                 Morning Service                                      @  10:00 a.m. Easter Sunday Worship                                                Celebration & Fellowship

  Welcome to Highlands Presbyterian Church on the Web!

Sunday School -- 9 a.m.  Worship -- 10 a.m. 

 Mid-week LOGOS for K-12 -- Wednesdays at 4 p.m. 

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Greetings to you and Welcome in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ!

Highlands is a family of faith guided by God in the love we share for Christ and the church. We strive to put that love into practice in our Worship and in our Ministry to one another and to the world. Our mission is to glorify and serve God with all the resources God has made available to us.  Highlands is also a family of faith with open arms.  If you would like to know more about the church feel free to call on me at 641-9622.  May God bless and guide you to the place of Worship and Ministry that will be for you a Church home.

Yours in the peace of Christ,
Dr. David T. Lee


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We Are Family - Come and Join Us! 

Highland's Pastor, Dr. David T. Lee, 

is named the Academy of Parish Clergy Pastor of the Year for 2016

Information is here.

Dr. Lee's Sermon at the APC Worship Service is here. 

10900 McCormick Rd.